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“AGC proved to be a flexible partner in finding the best fit for MYCOM in a process where there were changes along the way and complexities had to be negotiated. AGC's experience in guiding us through the maze of possibilities brought us to a final decision point that allowed MYCOM to go along with the best solution for our current stage of expansion strategy. Behdad Eghbali, a Founding Partner at Clearlake Capital, also gave praise to Rob and AGC, 'AGC worked effectively to represent MYCOM’s value and help drive a complex transaction to close.'"
— Siamak Sarbaz, CEO of MYCOM & Behdad Eghbali, Founding Partner of Clearlake Capital
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to MYCOM in May, 2011)

"Rob and the AGC team demonstrated an outstanding level of advice and commitment throughout our engagement. From positioning the company's unique value proposition to assisting on the close of the agreement, they were a great guide throughout the process."
— Mike Madrazo, Founder & CEO of Detectent
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Detectent in January, 2015)

"AGC began working with EpiWorks several years ago, becoming familiar with our business and Company as we serve a highly specialized market. Together, we built a process to rapidly evaluate opportunities and recognize potential strategic partnerships. As the opportunity to partner with II-VI grew, Rob was able to rapidly drive a successful transaction through an intense process and achieve an outcome that the founders and management are very proud of. I would recommend AGC as a financial advisor."
— Quesnell Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer of EpiWorks
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to EpiWorks in February, 2016)