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Dennis lives in Lexington, MA with his wife, Deb, and has three kids aged 15-20. In his spare time you will find him in the mountains - backcountry skiing the Presidential steeps, mountain biking the NorthEast, and hiking in the Adirondacks, Greens and Whites.


“It was clear to all of us from the beginning of the process that AGC was the right partner for WAM. While their execution at every phase of the process was top-notch, which we expected, they brought two key attributes to the table: the creativity to find a phenomenal partner outside the traditional supply chain sphere and the perseverance to never let up the pressure to get the deal over the finish line. AGC’s Dennis Rourke and his team were trusted advisors at every step of the process. I would work with AGC again in a heartbeat.”
— Jack Weiss, CEO of WAM Systems
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to WAM Systems in December, 2012)

"I can’t express strongly enough what an incredible pleasure and professional opportunity it has been working with AGC. It is rare to be involved with a team where I find myself so completely impressed and really “wowed” by the energy, capabilities and knowledge of everyone I meet. All I can say is thanks and so very well done. I take every opportunity to share the experience with those I work with and anyone who asks how it all happened."
— Joseph Potesta, CEO of QED
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to QED in December, 2015)

"We are very grateful for the hard work and dedication with which Dennis, Ben and the rest of the AGC team managed this complex cross border transaction. Their global reach and expertise, as well as their ability to effectively articulate the Company’s value proposition, led to the successful divestiture of HCL’s CapitalStream business and a new strategic relationship with the buyer. We look forward to working with the AGC team again in the future.”
— Nalin Mittal, Head, Strategic Initiatives Group, HCL Technologies
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to HCL Technologies in February, 2013)