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Jon lives in Topsfield, MA with his wife, Sarah, and their three daughters. He is actively involved in his community, and serves on the Topsfield Finance Committee.


"Jon and his team's experience were invaluable in helping us navigate such a high stakes transaction. For a private VC-backed company like Mnubo, getting acquired by a NASDAQ giant was quite an intimidating endeavour. Throughout the 2-month intense process, Jon was always a few steps ahead of the game, advising the founding team on how to prepare and achieve the best outcome for all parties. It was the second time I deal with AGC for M&A transactions and would not hesitate to get them on board a third time!"
— Fred Bastien, CEO, Mnubo
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Mnubo in July, 2019)

"Jon and the AGC team did a great job of understanding the Criteria story and identifying the decision makers at the financial partners whose goals and philosophy were well aligned with ours. AGC was instrumental in helping us navigate this process, selecting Sumeru Equity Partners, negotiating terms, and ultimately bringing us to our successful closing."
— Josh Millet, CEO, Criteria Corp
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Criteria Corp in May, 2019)

"The AGC team was on top of every detail from beginning to end, and helped us run a smart, thorough process. Their understanding of the industry, their knowledge of the key players, and their expertise around deal mechanics and market norms were critical to achieving a successful outcome for Mautic. Beyond that, the AGC team was highly accessible, available at all hours, and worked hard to help manage the complexities that come with all M&A activities. I would fully recommend Jon, Ben and AGC."
— Matt Johnston, CEO, Mautic
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Mautic in May, 2019)

"Jon, Steve, Hanna, and Colm were an incredible team of advisors and execution partners. At every step they provided invaluable counsel and execution support that changed what could have been a challenging process and decision into an event that changed the lives of our senior officers and entire team. We were so delighted with the AGC Partners team that we increased their compensation above our initial agreement. They were a delight to work with, and I look forward to the opportunity to work together in the future."
— Robert M. Tetenbaum, President, FMCG Direct
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to FMCG Direct in December, 2016)

"I’ve had the chance to work with many investment banks over the years. AGC stands head and shoulders above the others in three areas: they invested the time and energy to get to know our business at a really granular level; they were tirelessly persistent in working to achieve a great outcome; and the quality of both tactical and strategic advice that I received from Jon Guido was exceptional."
— Tom Beecher, Chief Executive Officer, Cartera Commerce
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Cartera Commerce in January, 2017)

“When this all started, I said I would never hire a banker. I am now glad that we did as Jon and the AGC team did an outstanding job of bringing this transaction together. We are very excited to be joining the eBay/PayPal family.”
— Walt Doyle, President and CEO of WHERE
(AGC acted as sole financial advisor to WHERE in April, 2011)