Environmental, Social, & Governance

The application of technology to Energy and other asset-intensive Industries has allowed for increasing efficiency, reliability and safety while decreasing cost and environmental impact. At AGC, we have first-hand experience advising numerous companies across different stages of the business lifecycle – from capital raises to ultimate exits – and across different business models. The application of technologies such as sensors, connectivity and analytics software to applications across Smart Grid, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Ag, Industrial IoT and Advanced Transportation is transforming broad swaths of the global economy and infrastructure.

However as technology is used to displace consumption of scarce resources with greater intelligence, it also creates a need for security solutions designed for use with SCADA and other Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technologies (OT). A new generation of cyber security companies has emerged to address this need, as well as enable IT/OT convergence and integrate with existing Physical Security solutions.  The Energy and Industrial Technology companies and investors that AGC works with are building a more connected, efficient, secure, and sustainable world.