Meet The Team

Doug Hurst

Partner - New York

Doug is a Partner at AGC and heads the firm’s New York office. He works extensively in the C-Suite Solutions SaaS and tech-enabled services businesses. Doug is a 34-year veteran banker having completed over 200 transactions. Prior to AGC, he had senior positions as a Managing Director at JP Morgan, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and SMH Capital.

He holds an M.B.A. from the Amos Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth) and a B.A. in Economics from Duke University.


"Jon, Doug and the AGC team have been tremendous in driving an incredibly fast and successful process. They demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly understand our vision and opportunity ahead of us. With their precision guidance, strong network and incredibly streamlined and efficient diligence support, we quickly aligned ourselves with the investment partner who is best-suited to support PDFTron in the next stage of growth and the achievement of our company's mission."

"Jon, Doug and the AGC team were simply extraordinary. They dig in, roll up their sleeves, and work hard. They sweat the details, and they listen well. Their commitment to PDFTron was evident from Day 1, and it didn't waiver. PDFTron wouldn't have had the outcome it did without Jon and Doug."

The AGC team was instrumental in ensuring the success of our transaction. They served as trusted advisors through every step of the process, with intense focus on every detail and proven knowledge of companies and deals like ours. It was a pleasure to have them on our team and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

AGC's expertise was invaluable in helping us navigate strong investor interest and connect with a great investment partner to help us achieve our goals and vision. Their team was always accessible, learned our business and helped us populate a well-ordered data room that streamlined the diligence process. As a result, ActivTrak secured one of the biggest funding rounds in Austin this year – in one of the hottest growth markets in software. This was a true testament to Jon and Doug's deep experience, strong network and unwavering commitment to client success.

Jon, Doug, and the greater AGC team were exceptional partners to Thought Industries. We are very grateful for their invaluable advice, quick action and 'always-on' approach. They take a very complicated process and manage it with incredible precision and professionalism. It was a pleasure to have them as part of our extended team and I would whole-heartedly recommend them.

Doug and the AGC team were true partners throughout our capital raise. They took the time to learn about our industry and dig into what makes Skyword successful. They worked hard to find an investor that would bring, not just capital, but true expertise to the table. AGC served as trusted advisors through every step of the process, demonstrating attention to detail and ensuring everyone at the table worked productively through the process. I recommend Doug and AGC highly and look forward to partnering with them in the future.

We are delighted with the outcome we reached thanks to AGC. Doug and his team worked diligently and found the perfect investment fit for our business' growth needs. Their responsiveness and availability during the deal structuring and closing process was exceptional.

Doug, Jon, and the AGC team delivered for Luminate and Comply365. Their expertise and know-how were invaluable in creating a market for the Company, and helping us select the best path forward. AGC served as our trusted advisor every step of the way, where their deep experience, strong network and unparalleled commitment led to this successful transaction which is a win for both Luminate and management.

Jon, Doug and the AGC team's relentless dedication, expertise and professionalism were critical to getting Tasktop to this great outcome. They were a true partner in understanding our goals and in working tirelessly to get us to the finish line. The process had some significant complexity, and Jon and Doug showed incredible depth and precision in managing all stakeholders and aspects of the journey. I'm very grateful to have had them at our side!

"The AGC team with Jon and Doug at the helm was instrumental in structuring and executing the LiquidFrameworks process which ultimately resulted in a transaction with ServiceMax and a planned public market listing of the combined companies. This outcome of the process they led can only be described as outstanding. Their knowledge, expertise and perspective in matters involving finance and deal negotiation as well as timely specifics related to our SaaS industry provided critical guidance and advice used throughout the process."

“Choosing the ideal partner for the next phase of growth is an incredibly important decision for management and shareholders.  It can be a challenging and dynamic process with the prospect of multi-variable overload for the team.  Jon, Doug and the AGC team have proven to be an incredibly impactful trusted partner to help engage with the right parties and efficiently navigate the process to achieve an optimal outcome.  We partnered with ideal new investors at ActivTrak and Tasktop as a result of the relentlessly well-run AGC process.”

“Jon, Doug and AGC were a real partner to Vanilla and Level.  We hired AGC because they bring decades of experience advising on technology mergers and were able to customize their approach to our specific needs.  This was a unique and complex transaction where Jon and Doug helped craft a deal that we are exceptionally excited about.  They ensured that all parties were focused on the same end goal resulting in a successful outcome for everyone – setting Level and JMI up for a fruitful partnership in a market leading combined business.”

“We think the world of the AGC team.  We have done dozens of deals together over the years.  They hustle, they are transparent, they are commercial, they are creative, and they provide great advice to both sides of every deal at critical, tense moments.  And they match buyers and sellers as well as anybody we’ve seen and craft a process that works well.  In a tough, competitive market, their execution is A+ and their integrity is even higher.  We value our relationship very highly with the AGC team.”

“When it comes to SaaS deals, whether vertical or horizontal plays, it’s about two things …. The volume of experience and HOW the work gets done.  Jon and Doug are hands on partners that get the most for their clients."

“The AGC team is about creating success for entrepreneurs and investors.  Jon and Doug know how to find the best possible combinations and are always clear and transparent in their advising.  JMI and Higher Logic had that experience working with them on their recent acquisition of Vanilla, as we have had for decades.”

“Across numerous engagements, AGC really stands out in finding the right pairing of company and investor.  Many advisors don’t invest the time in getting to know both sides, AGC does and it pays off, especially in the ultimate success of the company.”

“Jon, Doug and AGC did a superb job of fully understanding the ActivTrak opportunity, articulating the thesis and market opportunity, and presenting the necessary supporting information and data which enabled us to move from intro Zoom to closed deal in a 5 week span. Their professionalism, expertise and transparency was very helpful in allowing us to complete the transaction."