Vice President/ Associate

We are seeking an Investment Banking Vice President/Associate who will be responsible for managing the day-to-day execution of a broad range of transaction types. This means managing multiple deals simultaneously, anticipating next steps, and becoming the Client’s trusted go-to person for daily interactions. A Vice President/Associate should be able to drive a process from beginning to end – pitch, pre-launch & marketing materials, due diligence, indications of interests and negotiations. Under AGC’s “divide and conquer” approach, a Vice President/Associate must add value above and beyond what is expected of the analysts, by proactively taking on tasks for the Partners and seeking out ways in which they can help balance the team’s workload. The Vice President/Associate is not just an editor, but can also guide the analysts through higher level work according to his or her capabilities and initiative. The position is for our Boston office.

Opportunity: The Vice President/Associate role at AGC Partners is designed for an entrepreneurial banker with the drive and self-confidence to build his/her own book of business down the road. This is an opportunity to build your own franchise leveraging the market presence of one of the leading technology boutique investment banks. Building on the extensive and varied transaction experience provided by AGC’s high-volume deal flow, and mentored by some of the industry’s most experienced senior Partners, you will have the opportunity to advance rapidly to the Partner position in just 4-5 years post MBA. Contrast our approach to that of the bulge-bracket banks with a 10-year, slave away, and wait-and-see track to Managing Director and you will appreciate the opportunity provided by our fast-track, merit-based path to a productive Partner franchise.

Qualifications: Recent MBA graduate or three to five years’ investment banking experience if no MBA. Applicants should also possess the below skills:

  • Strong work ethic and passion for investment banking
  • Prior investment banking experience preferred;
  • Proven project management leadership skills
  • Technical and accounting proficiency in all financial analyses required to support a variety of transactions
  • Proficiency with Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Superior written and oral communication skills
  • Strong team-building and mentoring skills
  • Outstanding character and good sense of humor

To Apply: Send resume, cover letter and transcript in an email with subject "AGC Partners 2020 Vice President/Associate Opportunity" to Morgan Murphy, mmurphy@agcpartners.com


Opportunity: AGC Partners is seeking an investment banking analyst for their Boston office. We are a market leading technology investment bank that specializes in sub $500 million transactions. We have worked hard to build a company culture that encourages open collaboration between all levels of the banking team, rewards solid performers and emphasizes the importance of accountability. As an analyst at AGC, you will be exposed to a broad range of transaction types which will focus on mergers & acquisitions and private placements. The primary job function of the analyst position will be live deal execution where analysts will work directly with senior AGC team members and frequently interact with clients. Unlike most Wall Street firms, AGC offers a unique opportunity for junior bankers to take on large amounts of responsibility and impact all phases of a deal from inception to close, gaining valuable experience through deal related responsibilities including, market analysis and research; financial analysis; pitch book preparation; and maintenance of industry M&A activity reports.Our analyst program is designed to take students from top tier programs and turn them into deal making athletes, who bring their intellect and passion into every project they take on. The goal for each one of our junior bankers is to be able to assess financial statements, construct business models from scratch, sell a company’s story, and identify what the key value proposition of a company. This is a full- time, 6 days/week “at-will” position with a 2 year commitment required. Candidates who are successful at AGC have the passion and drive to do a great job on every task, as well as push themselves to take on the hard stuff first, so they can advance their skills and get to the next level.

Qualifications: A successful candidate will have a strong desire and passion to strive in a fast-paced and entrepreneurial investment banking environment. Responsibilities will include financial modeling, pitch preparation and deal execution with a focus on M&A, public and private financings, and buyout assignments. Applicants should also possess:

  • 6 months to 1 year experience as a full-time investment banking analyst is preferred
  • Strong work ethic and passion for investment banking
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Strong interpersonal skill set as job entails significant interaction with colleagues and clients
  • Ability to prioritize assignments while multi-tasking
  • Interest and aptitude for technology,
  • Excellent attention to detail,
  • Technical proficiency, including Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint,
  • Effective writing and oral communication skills (to include the creation and delivery of presentations to senior management of client and prospective client companies)
  • Team-building and mentoring skills

Strong academic credentials from a top school and previous training in finance are preferred.

To Apply: Send resume, cover letter, and transcript in an email with subject “AGC Partners 2020 Analyst Opportunity” to mstumpf@agcpartners.com.


AGC offers full-time internships in investment banking, accounting and operations throughout the calendar year. Typically, our internships follow the college semester schedule. For the successful candidate, we offer:
  • Valuable experience and exposure to investment banking,
  • An opportunity to assess whether the "career fit" is right for you,
  • Multiple training sessions,
  • Future references,
  • Hard-charging, professional culture
Description: Internships typically run for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. Banking interns will be teamed up with an analyst mentor and will have a variety of tasks and assignments in support of their assigned analyst and the banking team in general. Responsibilities will include assisting with marketing and business development efforts, conducting research assignments, preparing company profiles and information books, and producing marketing materials and pitch books. Interns will participate in weekly training sessions and gain exposure into the role of a banking analyst. Accounting and Operations interns will support the finance and operations departments, respectively.

Qualifications: The candidate must have outstanding computer skills, including sophisticated Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills. A desire to learn and deliver creative solutions is a must. A "can-do" attitude and a good sense of humor will ensure your success in the role.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to internships@agcpartners.com.


See What the AGC Team Has to Say...

I am a VP with AGC Partners and have been with the firm for about one year. I joined AGC as an Associate after 3 1/2 years of tech banking at a much smaller boutique in order to get greater exposure and advance my career with a well-known platform for mid-market tech M&A. I’ve gotten a ton of experience in my first year with the firm, have closed three high profile deals, and built a global network within tech and private equity. Our deal teams run lean, which means I’ve had to own a lot of my own growth and have had plenty of opportunities to punch above my weight class. The team and the culture has been supportive as I’ve acclimated to the pace and intensity of AGC. The partners are highly accessible, and several have taken a personal interest in my development. The analysts I work with are smart, motivated, and eager to jump in with high quality work product. I’ve had the opportunity to work under partners who bring experience from top firms like Lazard, Jefferies, and Lehman Brothers, and have seen our former analysts go on to be successful at top MBA programs and PE shops such as KKR, Silver Lake, Providence, Summit and many more. My professional growth at AGC Partners has been based on merit, and I have been given plenty of opportunity to learn quickly and advance much faster than expected. Early into my time with the firm, I was tasked with managing critical points in the process on one of our largest deals. Off the back of a successful outcome for the client and for our firm, I was promoted to VP within my first year at AGC. All in all, I got the caliber of experience and the work hard, play hard environment I was looking for, and then some.

Thank you for a great 12 weeks, I’ve certainly learned a lot, and got a good deal more of research experience than I bargained for. The culture at the firm kept me energized to take on new challenges every day. The frequent sporting outings and charity events always gave me something to look forward to outside of work during the weeks. I have been fortunate to have many mentors here, and truly appreciate the time spent to walk me through my mistakes or explain new concepts. When I first arrived, I quickly noticed that it was commonplace to address the firm as a team - while at many places this is just rhetoric, my 12 weeks here have really shown that AGC embodies that word. I have seen it all the way from the an extremely tight analyst group, up through the PMs, MDs, Admins, and Executives; when a deal is on the line, everyone digs in to drive it through, no matter their predefined roles or assignments. It is this energy that will inevitably bring me back next August/September to be grilled in hopes of a full time position. Until then, I wish you best of luck and fruitful intern classes to come. I will certainly recommend the program to the best and brightest.

I enjoyed my experience at AGC and owe it to the people and culture that the firm breeds. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to contribute on many active deals alongside my assigned analyst mentor, who walked me through real-life situations and how to deal with them. For example, after the Brexit, my mentor tested me on how he would reassess an investment in London (where else would someone take the time to do that).

Working at AGC has been a blast—everyone is smart and hard working while delegating a lot of responsibilities to the junior staff. But the Team doesn't just achieve stellar results and deal closures through hard work; a fun and engaging culture is also part of the recipe. From outings, Sox games, and friendly athletic competitions, the whole team really gets to know each other and have a great time as well. The kind of experience one gets here is definitely unique among IBs, and something that one will never get at a bulge bank.

AGC has a great training program for interns and provides a lot of hands on experience throughout the summer. The ability to work with a number of analysts and project managers meant we all learned a lot. The culture is great around the office and the interns are treated well by senior partners.

During my internship at AGC Partners, we had one of our weekly intern meetings with Ben Howe (the CEO). I still had a few questions afterwards and was able to spontaneously knock on his office door and have a casual conversation with him where he took time from his day to answer what I had to ask, and more. Not only was the CEO of an investment bank willing to sit down and personally teach an intern, but he encourages questions from the outset. I’m not sure what else to say besides the fact that this is the best culture I’ve experienced in a professional environment.

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