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In founding AGC Partners, we were determined to create a new model for a boutique investment bank: entrepreneurially driven, firm owned and run by its Partners, seasoned veterans with deep domain expertise and execution experience within the emerging growth sectors.

Ben Howe
Co-Founder and CEO
Maria Lewis Kussmaul
CFA, Co-Founder and Partner

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"Partnering with AGC was absolutely the right decision for us. AGC understood our vision and business right out of the gates, investing considerable up front effort, they enabled us to go to market quickly. Their approach is aggressive, transparent with no wasted cycles - exactly what we were looking for in a partner. Their network is incredibly strong with real, senior connections, not just logos, giving us confidence that the right investors would give us a look and fairly evaluate our deal. AGC’s process of going deep early, anticipating the questions or potential pitfalls up front, creates an efficient process that weeds the tire kickers out from the serious contenders. In spite of a frothy, competitive market, AGC cut through the noise and brought outstanding, serious investors to the table. The team coached us through every step of the negotiations, kept us on track all the way through to a successful outcome. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results - I can confidently say we wouldn’t have arrived at this deal without the partnership and support of AGC from start to finish."


"We think the world of the AGC team. We have done dozens of deals together over the years. They hustle, they are transparent, they are commercial, they are creative, and they provide great advice to both sides of every deal at critical, tense moments. And they match buyers and sellers as well as anybody we’ve seen and craft a process that works well. In a tough, competitive market, their execution is A+ and their integrity is even higher. We value our relationship very highly with the AGC team."


"This was an exceptional outcome for Level Equity, our co-investors, Instaclustr's founders, management team and employees and for the new owners. The path to get here was animated by AGC's unique ability to manage a dynamic process across a long period and several continents. Deals of this scale and complexity necessitate both strong tactical execution and sage counsel on nuanced issues – AGC provided both!"

-Ben Levin, Co–Founder and CEO, Level Equity AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Instaclustr

"Sean and the AGC team differentiated themselves through their unrelenting commitment to Bookboon and deep understanding of our platform. I personally spent most of my professional career building Bookboon into a global leader and I needed an advisor that I could trust with this critical transaction process. The whole AGC team worked tirelessly throughout every stage of the process, ensuring Bookboon found an outstanding new home and partner in the Access Group. We give Sean and AGC our highest recommendation as a technology M&A advisor."

-Kristian Buus Madsen, CEO, Bookboon Learning AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Bookboon Learning

"It was a herculean feat to start a process in the frothy market of late 2021, and to finish it in the tough market of mid-2022 at a great valuation. The entire team at AGC dug into our operations, truly understood our strengths and weaknesses and expertly crafted the synergistic story and model that drove competitive tension from our best potential partners. Throughout the entire process, the AGC team put our long term interests as a company first and showed, through their words and actions, that they really cared about our entire team and about getting us the right deal for the next chapter in our evolution. The AGC team put their whole heart and soul into the deal for us and we could not be happier with the outcome."

-Lauren Haw, CEO, Zoocasa AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Zoocasa

"For many closely-held business owners, the sale of their company or a large capital round is one of the biggest decisions we will ever make. It's a complex process, with the outcome significantly impacting the owner, their family, team members and the overall legacy they are building. Choosing the right advisor to assist in this process is critical to achieving the best value, terms and overall outcome for everyone involved. They need to be a true partner and not just a broker. When I think about my experience with AGC, I can say without any hesitation that they were all of this and more. Selecting them without question was the best decision I made in the entire process. They became part of my team and worked harder than anyone I had ever seen. AGC got smart about who we are, the "why" behind what we are doing, and the opportunities for us in the future. The AGC team didn't just go represent us to investors, they helped us perform better today. While in the end we signed the perfect deal, the process alone with AGC has been one of the most valuable investments of time for my company, my executive team and me personally."

-Weston Lunsford, CEO, Dental Intelligence AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Dental Intelligence

"Our business had gone through a period of tremendous growth and was in a space seeing consolidation that resulted in our need for an investment banking partner that was well connected to both growth investors and strategic partners. AGC did an outstanding job of learning our business model and translating that into a compelling business case. They worked tirelessly to help get a great deal and we look forward to working with the team again! Thanks so much to all of the team. Your calm and patient approach won the day, even during some difficult times."

-Sharmil Desai, CEO, Menufy AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Menufy

"The AGC team were instrumental in driving a premium outcome for LabArchives that exceeded shareholder expectations. Their depth of experience in the scientific software ecosystem is unparalleled, and they truly developed a masterful understanding of our business and positioned the story to maximize success. For our team with limited resources and M&A experience, AGC's around-the-clock effort and understanding of running a process enabled us to drive a substantial increase in value over the initial offer at the table. Their relationships with leading PE and strategic acquirers, along with their strong negotiation skills, allowed us to leverage the competition and find a perfect home under the Insightful Science brand."

-Matt Dunie, CEO, LabArchives AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to LabArchives

"To us, it was essential that our banker could fundamentally understand the Promon technology and offering. The AGC team quickly gained such understanding. By doing so, they could 'connect the dots' very rapidly; providing us with deep insight into which partnerships would long-term create the greatest return for all parties. On top of that, they don't forget the small details, which ultimately will lead to a timely and satisfactory transaction. We can give AGC our strongest recommendations as an M&A advisor in the IT security industry."

-Gustaf Sahlman, CEO, Promon AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Promon
AGC Partners
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The AGC Difference

Our continued passion is to discover and work with exciting entrepreneurs and growth companies.

Strong Relationships

Senior relationships with leading strategic acquirers and financial sponsors ensure deals reach top decision-makers

Domain Expertise

Deep industry knowledge on every important tech sector and sub-sector; AGC focuses on technology and technology only

Top Ranked Tech Boutique

Over 481 transactions completed since inception in 2003; AGC consistently ranks as the leading tech boutique

Unparalleled Execution

24/7 commitment and a track record for achieving compelling valuations

Senior-Level Attention

Dedicated senior-level attention at every step of the transaction assures results

Global Tech Team

Experienced 70 member team with offices in Boston, Silicon Valley, NYC, London, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, and LA

About AGC Partners

AGC's strong momentum from 2021 carries into 2022, with 28 deals closed YTD and 22 new engagements signed up in the last three months, making AGC the most active technology investment bank. Recently, we represented JMI, K1, Kayne, Level, Luminate, NEA, Riverside, Silversmith, Thoma Bravo and Vista on transactions ranging from roughly $200M to over $1B. We have built the leading global technology investment bank focused on middle market M&A and growth financings with 481 transactions completed since inception and we are the market SaaS leader with 163 transactions since 2010. AGC has 10 global offices, including London, Boston, New York and San Francisco. With AGC's firmwide team of 22 tech banking sector-expert Partners, we have built one of the largest technology-focused teams.