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We were very lucky to get Tim Harned of AGC Partners on board to shepherd our transaction with Garmin. Tim’s wealth of experience gave us a lot of confidence and composure throughout the process. My only regret is not getting Tim involved earlier! Major liquidity events happen once in a lifetime, and you want to have the best team on your side of the table. Franz Struwig, Managing Director & Co-Founder, iKubu

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to iKubu in January, 2015

Rob and the AGC team demonstrated an outstanding level of advice and commitment throughout our engagement. From positioning the company's unique value proposition to assisting on the close of the agreement, they were a great guide throughout the process. Mike Madrazo, Founder & CEO, Detectent

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Detectent in January, 2015

Jon and the AGC team did a phenomenal job in securing the best partner for us. We became part of the world's leading provider in our market and are now aligned within their strategic technology innovation area. The fit is absolutely perfect - the complementary technology pairing sets a new precedent in our market and the cultural dynamic of both organizations are tightly aligned - focusing on solving customer problems, developing industry-leading technology and fostering a collaborative working environment. Peter Cannone, President and CEO of OnForce

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to OnForce in August, 2014