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"After 31 years building GrammaTech, we wanted a banker who would work with us to find not only a great exit, but also a caring owner for the employees, IP and customers that we hold dear. Russ, Maria and the AGC team used their deep, hands-on knowledge of both enterprise and US national security markets to find new owners, and a successor CEO, who will drive GrammaTech strongly forward. AGC was our trusted advisor at each step of the process, and their knowledge, creativity and drive were invaluable to achieving our objectives in the transaction. We would absolutely recommend AGC as an M&A advisor." Tim Teitelbaum, Co-Founder & CEO, Tom Reps, Co-Founder & President, GrammaTech

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to GrammaTech in November, 2019

It was great for us to have Maria and Eric onboard to help us get the transaction done successfully. They provided invaluable guidance at all stages from prospecting to closing the deal. They also provided unique insights during the process and helped us mitigate risk as well as maximize the outcome. Highly recommended! Manish Kalia, Chief Executive Officer, Orkus

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Orkus in October, 2019

Client Testimonial:

AGC has been our informal advisor for some time, so when it was time to raise a Series B financing they were a natural choice. AGC's relationships and knowledge of the security market are unique, and Russ provided valuable insights and energy at critical points in the deal. We could not be more excited to have EIP as our investing partner going forward. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Russ and AGC again in the future.
Cody Cornell, Co-Founder and CEO, Swimlane

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Swimlane in June, 2019