AGC Partners has a reputation for closing deals large and small at premium valuations, and has been named as the most active technology M&A boutique investment banking firm from 2009-2018.

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Ben, Steve, Michaela, and Kyle executed a highly efficient and intense process, generating a strong outcome for all parties involved. The AGC team was highly committed, well prepared, proactive, and ready to dig in to the work at hand. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and look forward to working with Ben and his team on the next transaction.

David Perotti, CEO, Erecruit

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Erecruit in July, 2017

"The AGC team was instrumental in ensuring the success of our transaction. They served as trusted advisors through every step of the process, with intense focus on every detail and proven knowledge of companies and deals like ours. It was a pleasure to have them on our team and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future." Bob Neveu, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Certify

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Certify in June, 2017

AGC's skillful moderation helped in getting all our shareholders on the same page. Their vast deal experience helped us align terms with best available in the market. Markus, Sean, and Derek were super committed to the transaction and made themselves available 24/7. Last but not least, we truly enjoyed working with the team! Michael Wenglein, Managing Director & Founder, Propertybase

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Propertybase in June, 2017