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Russ lives in Wellesley, MA with his wife, Lisa, and their three children.


"I was initially skeptical about the value of bringing in a banker, but Russ and his team added tremendous value from Day 1 and have earned my respect and highest recommendation. AGC inherited a complex situation, boiled it down to a very consumable story and ran a highly efficient and effective process. Ultimately they found the best buyer in Providence Equity, and drove a premium valuation for Untangle. There is nobody I would rather have in my corner than Russ and AGC. I would absolutely welcome the opportunity to work with them again."
— Bob Walters, CEO, Untangle
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Untangle in September 2016)

"AGC was invaluable in raising Foreground’s profile with potential buyers, and in conducting a rapid, intense and highly effective process when strategic interest arose. By leveraging relationships across both the Defense Intelligence community and enterprise security, AGC was able to find the right home for my company in Raytheon, in a deal that both sides view as a huge win. Russ Workman actively led a strong team that was committed to my success and made it happen with crisp execution and great advice. This outcome would not have happened without AGC and it certainly wouldn’t have been as successful as it was – Russ and his team have earned my highest recommendation.”
— David Amsler, President & CIO, Foreground Security
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Foreground Security in October 2015)

"Russ and the AGC team worked tirelessly as our trusted advisor to deliver a superior outcome to AirPatrol's employees and shareholders. Russ was instrumental in quarterbacking a complex and challenging deal to a successful completion, and Sysorex will provide the perfect home to leverage AirPatrol's mobile and cybersecurity expertise going forward. I would strongly recommend AGC as an M&A advisor."
— Cleve Adams, CEO of AirPatrol
(AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to AirPatrol in April 2014)

"Maria, Russ and the AGC team have been our trusted advisors for years, assisting with our equity financing with Clearlake Capital, delivering a huge win in our announced sale to NTT, and serving as an invaluable resource in helping us optimize the value of Solutionary for all our shareholders. AGC's sound advice, judgment, and knowledge of the market are peerless, and with crisp execution they helped lead the sale process to a phenomenal outcome for all our stakeholders. I can't say enough good things about Maria, Russ and the AGC team, and they have my highest endorsement for any future potential advisory work."
— Steve Idelman, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Solutionary
(AGC acted as lead financial advisor to Solutionary in August 2013)