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The IT Infrastructure M&A & financing markets continue to exhibit strong momentum and with continued interest from both strategic and financial buyers and investors.  The largest strategic acquirers continue to put their large cash balances to work and pursue targets of interest in sectors poised for market acceleration. While enterprise and service provider IT budgets are exhibiting little to no overall growth, the composition of those budgets is shifting dramatically given the amount of innovation that is occurring in the marketplace. The key drivers that AGC sees in IT Infrastructure include the continued adoption of the Cloud (at the computing, storage and application tiers) and the emergence of Big Data Infrastructure and Analytics.  Enterprise organizations are increasingly leveraging the Cloud for computing resources, storage and application deployment, driving a rapidly growing market opportunity for Cloud services and Cloud management software platforms.  The highly distributed and real-time nature of the applications which are increasingly moving into Cloud environments is also driving the emerging of DevOps solutions which enable continuous application development and deployment.  The rapid emergence and large volumes of new forms of “unstructured” data has also created a large and rapidly growing opportunity for Big Data Infrastructure and Analytics platforms which allow organizations to efficiently store and access this data (often in the Cloud) in ways which provider greater intelligence in emerging applications.  The continued adoption of both Cloud services and Big Data solutions is also driving innovation across traditional server, storage and networking environments, creating disruption and innovation across those infrastructure tiers.

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The AGC team jumped in full speed from the start with high energy, creativity, and deep domain knowledge in the cloud management space. They blew past our expectations of how thoroughly our banker would understand our product, our growth story, and how the market would look at our business. Through their interactions with the participants throughout the process, it was clear that Ben and AGC had very strong relationships with the best of the PE firms and strategic buyers. They were able to quickly get the Embotics story in front of the right parties, drove them to dig in deep, and created a competitive auction that resulted in a phenomenal outcome for shareholders, employees, and the business going forward. The combination of Embotics and Snow will be powerful, and AGC worked tirelessly with the utmost poise and integrity to make it happen. Mike Torto, CEO, Embotics

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Embotics in December, 2019

We retained Joe and AGC to assist us in evaluating and responding to inbound interest from potential strategic partners. Joe and the AGC team helped us control a process involving multiple very large potential partners, and structure and close a transaction giving us the best combination of access to growth capital, joint-go-to market opportunity, and upside opportunity for the Vigilent shareholders. Joe’s tactical advice at key points in the process was exceptional. Dave Hudson, CEO, Vigilent

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Vigilent in July, 2017

The AGC team exceeded expectations at every stage of this process. Ben Howe, Elena Marcus and Eric Bell truly understood our business and markets and were able to generate multiple competitive proposals. Their 24x7 commitment, creativity, and persistence drove continuous progress and kept communications flowing throughout the engagement. We are thrilled with the results of the transaction. Gary Gauba, Chairman & CEO, Cognilytics

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Cognilytics in December, 2014