Financial technology represents one of the largest vertical technology markets, with more than $350 billion spent EACH YEAR globally by banks, investment management firms and insurance companies. With massive investments in proprietary systems spanning decades at the leading global institutions, much of this annual spend goes toward maintaining antiquated systems built with defunct programming languages that are wholly inadequate to cope with the demands of rapidly evolving markets and the onslaught of new regulatory frameworks. The technology provider landscape continues to be dominated by a handful of very large firms with broad product suites, which continue to consolidate the mid-tier players and scoop up promising start ups, a structure similar to that of many other traditional technology sectors. Institutional investment in financial technology firms has grown from a handful of focused specialists just a few years ago to broad adoption – today, you will find most private equity and venture capital firms have dedicated fintech teams. Historically, IPO activity has not been high in the sector, while M&A tends to be cyclical and driven by the fortunes of the major buyers and the state of the capital markets.

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Client Testimonial: The AGC team exceeded every expectation, from our initial vetting process through the official closing date. AGC's deep understanding of the financial technology industry, strong relationships with strategic players, and breadth of M&A experience were crucial factors in achieving such a successful result. Ben and team worked tirelessly hand in hand through the entire process. They were always prepared, knowledgeable, and one step ahead of all potential obstacles that could have derailed our deal. We would not have been able to achieve the outcome we did if it were not for the hands-on, partner-led process Ben and his team provided to our team every day. Shawn Ward, CEO, Geezeo

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to Geezeo in July, 2019

There are a few select people I've met over the years that I can recommend without reservation and with complete confidence. Jon Guido and his team at AGC unequivocally fall into this category. AGC's communication was frequent and clear, their commitment was unwavering, and the depth of strategic insight shared by Jon was consistently impressive. I'm thankful to have benefited from Jon and his team being by my side. David Frogel

President, AnchorOps

I can’t express strongly enough what an incredible pleasure and professional opportunity it has been working with AGC. It is rare to be involved with a team where I find myself so completely impressed and really “wowed” by the energy, capabilities and knowledge of everyone I meet. All I can say is thanks and so very well done. I take every opportunity to share the experience with those I work with and anyone who asks how it all happened. Joseph Potesta, CEO, QED

AGC Partners acted as sole financial advisor to QED in December, 2015