The State of Healthcare Information Security

Hacked! That tends to be a recurring theme in Healthcare today. Common trends like population health, with its extraordinary marketing buzz, doesn’t quite turn heads like stolen identity. Headlines such as “U.S. hospital operator Community Health Systems (CHS) has revealed that hackers have broken into its computer network, and stolen the personal data of some 4.5 million patients, including their names and addresses,” or even headlines like “Beacon Health Systems fell victim to a sophisticated cyberattack,” gather significant attention.

The recent digitization of individuals’ PHI has exposed new risks—putting PHI online makes it accessible to hackers and other forms of data theft that need protection. Security has come to the forefront of major issues facing the healthcare industry, due to increasing cyberattacks coupled with heightened compliance regulations. The potential opportunities for this market are large and will continue to grow as healthcare organizations increasingly come under cyberfire.

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