Legal, Compliance & Regulatory Technology

We are pleased to share with you our latest Insight report. The global legal technology market, estimated at ~$4B in size, is poised for explosive growth in the years ahead as legal and compliance teams fully embrace digitalization and automation. Legal tech solutions revolve around real time access to data that keep litigation costs under budget and improve outcomes in cases litigated or agreements negotiated. At the frontier, other solutions are emerging to automate eDiscovery and Contract Management, mostly involving AI and ML technologies. Financing into private legal tech companies is now pouring in, while M&A activity has also seen a lockstep change to unprecedented levels over the last year. With over 180 companies identified in AGC’s Legal and Compliance Tech landscape, this industry is large and growing rapidly with many new startups forcing disruption of this traditional sector, and many public giants competing for pole position to build or buy the ecosystem.

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