AGC’s Guide To Digital New York – 2016 Q3 Update

2015 was the strongest year ever for the Digital NY scene with total announced funding of $4.5 billion and at least $900 million of fundraising in each quarter. Q1 2016 saw a decrease in funding to approximately $449 million. However Q2 2016 showed signs of upward momentum with over $1.0 billion raised. Volume slipped a bit in Q3 2016 to $841.3 million. Investments in Digital Marketing and Content companies led the way, representing 36% and 33% of all Q3 2016 Digital NY investment activity, respectively. Since 2010, over $17 billion has been raised for Digital NY companies. For Q3 2016, 22 private digital companies raised $841.3 million. Of these, 14 were companies we had already been tracking and they represented approximately $682.5 million of the total raised. Eight new companies raised the remaining $158.8 million.

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