Disruption Annual Conference Launches at Black Hat 2013

July 29th, 2013


This Year’s “Innovation at the Edge of Cybersecurity”, First of Annual Conferences

Boston, MA—July 29, 2013— Executives of AGC Partners; CyberUnited; and KEYW announced this week the launch of “Disruption 2013: Innovation at the Edge of Cybersecurity”. The invitation only conference of senior security management and advisors will be held during Black Hat, Tuesday evening, July 30th at the Bellagio Hotel. The companies are the founding sponsors of the annual conference.

According to Maria Lewis Kussmaul, founding partner, Investment Banking, AGC Partners “Disruption 2013” is the first in a series of conferences to explore unique solutions for cyber security issues through discussion among industry thought leaders.

“Disruptive innovation transforms markets and value; while the cyber threat arsenal continues to innovate and transform its attacks, the capabilities to protect enterprises have failed to keep pace,” commented Kussmaul.

Darin Andersen, president and CEO of CyberUnited, added, “‘Disruption’ is really the formation of a new community that will seek to generate community responses to tough cyber problems, helping members rise above cyber average and together achieve cyber awareness.”

This year’s event will feature three sessions followed by a networking reception. The first session, titled “Creative Disruption”, will feature Matthew Christensen, CEO and Portfolio Manager for Rose Park Advisors. Mr. Christensen is an expert in identifying and applying disruptive innovation frameworks, and assessing whether management can capitalize on or defend against a disruptive strategy. In 2007, together with Clayton Christensen, he founded Rose Park Advisors, a firm focused on investing in innovative companies.

In the second session titled “Biologically Inspired Innovation in Digital Security Design”, Dr. Jose Nazario, Research Director for Malware Analysis, Invincea Labs will present innovative approaches in cyber informatics, data analysis and defense strategies. He will be discussing leverage from molecular biology, particularly genetic coding, molecular determinants and threat surveillance and response studies in living cells, complex organisms and ecosystems.

In the third and final session, Maria Lewis Kussmaul will moderate a panel entitled “Innovation to Disruption: Pioneering Cyber Solutions”. Panelists include John De Santis, CEO, HyTrust; Sean Catlett, Vice President of Operations, iSIGHT Partners; Mike Janke, CEO of Silent Circle, and Richard Gordon, Managing Partner, MACH37. “Occasionally, truly pioneering entities emerge that break through the status quo and deliver a novel, superior solution to a stubborn security problem,” Ms. Kussmaul said. “Our panelists represent these cyber pioneers.” The panel will be exploring the sources of innovation—nature versus nurture—is it serendipity or can disruption change be fostered? The session will discuss inspiration to innovation, from concept to solution.

The three sessions will be followed by a networking reception from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

“This conference is designed to bring leading innovators, investors, and executives in cybersecurity together to explore the disruptive edge of thinking that is transforming today’s state of high cyber vulnerability to a state of higher cyber awareness,” noted Ed Jaehne, Chief Strategy Officer of KEYW. “Ultimately, that is what we intend for these conferences—discussion, debate, innovation and action.”

About AGC Partners

AGC Partners has been recognized as the most active boutique tech bank over the past three years and completed 31 transactions in 2012. The firm was established in 2003 and has completed 195+ transactions in just nine years, forging a strong reputation and senior-level relationships with all the leading tech buyers (sales to Cisco, Dell, eBay, EMC, Google, IBM, Intel, McAfee, Motorola, NetApp, Oracle, Symantec, Trend Micro, Twitter and VMware). Over that time span, AGC has also developed outstanding relationships with top VC and PE firms across the globe. The firm is solely focused on discovering and working with exciting emerging growth companies and helping them raise capital or execute M&A transactions. AGC Partners hosts two major investor conferences each year in San Francisco and Boston and held its inaugural investor conference in London this past June. The firm has additional offices in Foster City, CA, Minneapolis and New York City and is a member of FINRA and SIPC. In the U.K., the firm uses the trading name “AGC Partners” and is registered as America’s Growth Capital Europe, LLP, which is an appointed representative of Alternative St. James, LLP (authorized and regulated by the FSA). For more information on AGC Partners, visit www.agcpartners.com.

About CyberUnited

CyberUnited prevents sensitive data loss from your organization by revealing the identity of determined insiders. CyberUnited’s cloud based solution, Pit Viper, reveals insiders engaged in digital fraud, IT sabotage or IP theft. It integrates big data analytics and predictive analysis software to sift through multiple data sets, isolating employee anomalies that could indicate potential malicious activity inside a network. Pit Viper utilizes CyberUnited’s proprietary self-learning neural network known as Bandito to detect, analyze and classify every byte pattern in a network to understand and learn specific threat indicators and precursors in real time. The platform differs from other cyber threat technologies because it is transparent, adjusts dynamically and provides alerts in real time. It is highly sensitive, accurate and integrates easily with existing security technologies. Our solution predicts malicious behavior before they occur so that insider threats can be completely neutralized, saving data, money and reputations. For more information go to: www.cyberunited.com.

About KEYW

KEYW provides agile cyber superiority, cyber security, and geospatial intelligence solutions for U.S. Government intelligence and defense customers and commercial enterprises. We create our solutions by combining our services and expertise with hardware, software, and proprietary technology to meet our customers’ requirements. For more information contact KEYW Corporation, or visit www.keywcorp.com.