The CEO’s Role in Cyber Risks to the Enterprise

Maria Lewis Kussmaul gives interview on the CEO Academy

May 8, 2017 (Boston, MA) – AGC Partners is pleased to announce that Maria Lewis Kussmaul, Co-Founder, Partner, and Head of IT Security, was recently featured as a special guest in a radio interview on the CEO Academy. Pam Lassiter, Host of the CEO Academy, interviewed Maria about “The CEO’s Role in Cyber Risks to the Enterprise.”

Given the multiple large cyber-incursions into corporations, governments, military, and financial systems, CEOs and Boards all need to ensure their enterprise strategies and practices to manage risk. Maria provides you with your system for oversight: 1. Hygiene: basics including employee training, structure, off-boarding, etc. 2. Asset Classification: what’s core to your success as a company? What is peripheral? Are they guarded in “rings of protection?” 3. Extended Enterprise: the riskiest category. Who’s accessing your system from the outside and how well are they vetted and limited? 4. Compliance versus security. Having boxes checked off on your Audit Report doesn’t mean you have the protection you need. Learn your action steps for oversight.

The episode is available at the link below:

The CEO Academy