AGC’s 9th Annual West Coast InfoSec and Technology Growth Conference

Monday & Tuesday, February 25 & 26, 2013

We hope you were able to attend our 2013 West Coast Conference. In case you missed it, we had just completed AGC Partners’ Boston 2012 Conference, which brought together 300 up-and-coming private companies, 300 private equity investors and over 100 strategic buyers, generating a frenzy of dialogue and ideas. Over our ten years of hosting great growth conferences, the cornerstone has become the 1,000+ one-on-one meetings that occur in a short two-day time span, and our San Francisco event delivered more of the same.

Day 1, Monday, February 25th was our highly acclaimed Security Day, followed by our “All Sector” conference on Tuesday, February 26th. ┬áIn a brief time, over 1200 attendees enjoyed the insights and interactions offered with seasoned growth company executives and strategic buyers.