AGC Partners Volunteers at the Salvation Army’s Back to School Celebration

On August 23rd, a team of AGC employees aided the Salvation Army in the 5th annual Back to School Celebration held at the TD Garden.  Every year, thousands of students in the greater Boston area begin the school year without the essential supplies to succeed in the classroom. Previous studies have shown that students who do not have the proper school supplies are far more prone to skip the first several important weeks of class because they are embarrassed and believe that they will fit in with their piers.

The Back to School Celebration hosts students between the ages of 5&17 and their families at the TD garden for festivities and fun as they receive a backpack full of school supplies and a t shirt! More than 5,000 students received the school supplies they need to be successful. The AGC team helped hand out t-shirts, played games with several students, and made some great connections with students and their families. We look forward to going back in 2017!