AGC Partners’ Tenth Annual West Coast InfoSec & Technology Growth Conference

Monday & Tuesday, February 24th & 25th, 2014

This year’s West Coast Information Security and Tech Growth Conference brought together over 300 of the leading public and private technology companies with average revenues of $25 million, the top global private equity investors, and leading tech buyers, with over 1600 attendees at this content-packed event. Day One, Monday, February 24th, was our highly acclaimed Security Day followed by our All-Sector Conference on Tuesday, February 25th.

The conference structure featured four simultaneous presentation tracks, with companies presenting in a private room to an audience of investors / strategic buyers – representative sectors include Information Security, Defense, Digital Media, FinTech, HCIT, Infrastructure Hardware and Software, Communications, and Semiconductors.  Each day also included a panel discussion track, highlighting top industry trends in today’s market. The cornerstone of our event was the 1500 one-on-one meetings among the companies, investors, and strategic buyers in a high-volume, interactive atmosphere, which is unlike any other tech conference.